Morir guay
3 October 2022

Morir guay.
Rituales de transición
DU-DA collective

Design of the book in collaboration with Radial Radiant collective for La Capella, Barcelona
2022 – book
500 copies

76 pages | Size: 15 x 24 cm | Languages: Spanish, Catalan, English | Offset printing  |  Paper back | Paper: Munken Print, Creator Vol

Morir guay. Rituales de transición (Dying cool. Rituals of transiction) is an exploration in audiovisual format of diverse narratives around death, in search of reconciliation with the becoming of life. Through six interviews, DU-DA collective (Sarai Cumplido, Belén Soto and Clara Piazuelo) explored the political, economic, social, and administrative structures that instruct us about the management of death and personal experiences that open cracks to think about it from more inspiring and desirable places.

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– Design Radial Radiant (Silvia Renda and Erica Volpini)
– Texts: Belén Soto (DU-DA), based on transcriptions of conversations between Clara Piazuelo, Sarai Cumplido and Belén Soto with Toni Navarro, Desi Quevedo, Jordi Miralles, Berta Xirinachs, AL-V, and Júlia Sánchez Cid.
– Images: DU-DA
– With the collaboration of Hamaca, Barcelona
– Production: Barcelona City Council / Institute of Culture of Barcelona / La Capella (Barcelona Producció 2021-22)