Escombro Playground
16 February 2023

Escombro Playground

In collaboration with Radial Radiant collective (Silvia Renda and Erica Volpini)
2021 – Installation
Bricks, spray inks, photographic printing on cardboard and paper

For the 3rd edition of Recreando Ruinas festival at La Escocesa (Barcelona), 38 artists were invited to work with the ruins of the factory, interpreting the potential of a territory hat had been left on the margins of urgent agendas. Radial Radiant collective proposed a fusion of images from the old La Escocesa factory and 22@, using found materials from the ruins and photographic scans of surfaces to create a site-specific installation. The result is a dystopian and postmodern landscape that blends the past, present, and future ruins of the area into a game of imaginative time travel.