Libros sobre procesos
16 February 2023

Libros sobre procesos

In collaboration with Radial Radiant collective (Silvia Renda and Erica Volpini)
2020 – ongoing – Research and installation
Installation: paper, laser printing, string, yarn

Los Libros sobre procesos (books on artistic processes) are graphic transpositions of various artistic practices or specific projects, using the tools of book design such as typography, images, dimensions, pages, sequence, rhythm, paper, and graphic resources. Radial Radiant’s interest in the artistic process is driven by a desire to understand and appreciate the “how”: the journey, methods, and relationships.
The collective seeks to reveal the artistic process by showcasing the artist’s experiences, time, space, perception, and different positions. They collaborate with other artists to test the hybridization between the roles of publisher, artist, and designer.
The installation displays the initial outcomes of the research, which includes questions that drive the creation and visual references used to construct the syntax of these books. The material on the wall is arranged thematically, revealing categories such as the use of documentation, corporeality, maps, annotations, formal and material interventions, and life processes. Threads physically connect the board to books in Radial Radiant’s studio library, as examples of these visual discourses.
The first book created from this research is “Los otros residentes,” by Silvia Renda and Paula Bruna. The collective, initiated by Silvia Renda and Erica Volpini, and now also includes Ezequiel Soriano, continues their work, raising questions and planning to publish new books in 2023.

Installation displayed inside Radial Radiant studio at La Escocesa (Barcelona) as part of Tallers Oberts 2020

Dialogue sessions and dynamics carried out with Paula Bruna during the construction of the book “Los otros residentes”.