Ogni dove – Al principio era una isla
12 July 2019

Ogni dove. Al principio era una isla
(Wherever. In the beginning, it was an island)

2015- 2022 ongoing project
Photography, sculpture sketches (photography printed on canvas fabric and iron), sound-video.

The project was inspired by research on the relationship between landscape, desire, and belonging. It offers a personal and collective voice on “places of affection”, real or imagined locations where we are moved by the desire of other people. It’s a journey marked by inner time. The work is designed to be experienced as a multimedia installation that, in its entirety, combines photographs, sculptures (currently in sketch form), and a video-piece.

The video-piece is based on audio descriptions of dream places, which were collected during visualization sessions held in Brussels/Charleroi, Barcelona, and Sapporo with participants from different cultures and backgrounds. Participants were asked to imagine where they would like to be, right now, if teleportation existed, and describe their mental image as if it were a photograph. . This approach can be seen as a form ekphrasis, a verbal representation of a visual image, which I relate to photographic language.

> see the last audiovisual installation of the video-piece

Escultura fotografica de hierro y tela

Screenshot from the video-piece, 2022

Screenshot from the video-piece, 2022