Maps of mere existence – book
17 February 2015

Maps of mere existence

2015 – Artist’s book
limited edition of 35 numbered copies

40 pages | Size: 21 x 27,9 cm
Indigo printing  |  Paper: alga carta, Favini
Silkscreen printed softcover |  handmade binding

The book is a mental and emotional map of a few square meters of Albergheria district in Palermo (Sicily, Italy). Here, we witness people passing by as actors in a private, daily theater where nothing, yet everything happens.
People who are absorbed in their everyday lives, that may seem meaningless. It’s the mere existence, far from folkloric and guidebooks representations — the invisibility of routines.
People who are imagined – and held together – as dots on a map representing a spatial and life experience. Emptied of almost all of its usual meanings, the urban landscape may sometimes reveal abstract shapes – a sort of “cartography of asphalt”.

It’s a loop-book that invite you to enter and feel.

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Exhibited at:

2016 Orto Botanico Graffette, book exhibition by Minumum studio, Palermo (IT)
2015 Galeria Janes Selecção Call for Books, Encontros da Imagem Festival, Braga (PT)
2015 Artificerie Almagià Fahrenheit 39, 5 edition, art book fair, Ravenna (IT)



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