3 October 2022

Romy Alizée

Cover design and photo retouching for Maria Inc.
2018 – photobook
2 editions of 150 copies

60 pages | Size: 19 x 25 cm
Digital Indigo printing  |  Softcover, Stapled | Paper: Papers Fedrigoni Old Mill, Gardapat Kiara

“In the form of self-portraits, Romy Alizée then begins to orchestrate her universe, an erotico-pornographic universe of which she becomes the undeniable Queen. She surrounds herself with friends, lovers, actors and post-porn actresses, a community in where love mixes with protests. She stages her most intimate fantasies, plays with genders and glorifies feminine domination. (…)
FURIE is a punk refrain, screamed in a mic grabbed by a velvet glove.”

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– Lettering: Gonzalo Meléndez Oyarzabal
– Editing: Emilie Hallard